10 best camera and photography apps for everyone


The smartphone camera has become the most used camera these days. The days of taking pictures with the camera roll are completely over, now is the era of smartphone cameras. In such a situation, the user needs to have an idea of ​​the photography application from which he can take good photos, as well as edit the photos. Whether you’re looking for an app that can take a photo or edit your photo, today you have plenty of options. These are the 10 best photography apps for the common user.
1) VSCO CamVSCO can be used as an editing tool with the camera application. It is also equipped with many excellent filters. Your community is fun and all filter apps within the app are worth using once.
Download VSCO Cam … iOS. Android
2) Instagram has become extremely popular during the days of Instagram. Now when it comes to photography apps the Instagram name will pop up. Instagram is an application where users have their photos edited and minor changes are public worldwide. If you are interested in smartphone photography, please install this app.
Download Instagram … iOS | Android
3) Overover is a great application where you can edit your photos and also add custom text or illustrations to them. In this application you will find many options for different fonts and designs. With their help, you can create images ranging from professional images to happy birthday messages. However, this application is not free. For this you will have to pay a price.
Download Over … iOS | Android
4) Google CameraGoogle has integrated all its applications with the operating system. And she continues to improve all of her applications by releasing updates to the operating system. The Google Camera app works on all Android versions of Android 4.4 or higher. It has many fun features. The interface is very easy. You can also use effects like lens blur.
Download google camera
5) Camera + Tap The Camera + Tap application by Tap Tap is the most widely used camera application on iOS devices. There are all the options for you on this platform. From taking photos to editing and then sharing them. It has some great features like focus and exposure games. Other fun features are horizon level and image processing. You will like this application on iOS.
Download camera + app
6) Photo editor without Pixler, AutoDesk’s Pixler app is for everyone. With its help you can make collages. You can adjust many aspects of the photos and share them. Pixler may seem annoying at first glance, but its great interface and many great features make it usable. It has features like pencil sketch finish, auto balance, and color splash.
Download Pixler … iOS | Android
7) PixelmeterPixelmator is a very powerful photo editing application. Its interface is so good that the Adobe application will look weak. Pixelmator is ideal for advanced photo editing. The reason for this is the repair and editing tools. You can make your photo even better with a few taps. After this, the high resolution photos can be saved in the location you choose.
Download pixelometer
8) ProShotProShot also allows people unfamiliar with photography on Android to experiment with the help of its best interface. It has many features found in professional cameras, such as histograms and burst granular control. There is also an interactive demo of Pro that shows how it works.
Download proshot ios | Android
9) Snapseed: Google’s Snapseed is another high quality professional photo editing app. The most interesting thing is how it affects the user in the photo. Everything can be controlled with gestures. Snapseed has multiple layers and filters. You can also delete the previously used layer during editing.
Download Snapseed … iOS | Android
10) Lumiloomi is a very simple application that works well. It tells you when the most favorable time for photography is. This time it is around sunrise and sunset, when the light is suitable for photography. Lighting is the most important thing for photography. In this case, Lumi plays the role of facilitating her work. There is also a Lumi’s Today widget.
Download loom
Don’t we add your favorite camera app to this list? If so, tell us about those camera apps via the comment box below.


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