Follow this method to see your name on the Voter List


The election plays a very important role in any democracy. Whether it’s the 2019 Lok Sabha election or before the state elections, should you know if your name is on the electoral list or not? Let us tell you that there are changes to the voter list, in such a situation it is important to know if your name is missing from the voter list. If you want to vote in the 2019 General Election or state election, you must have a name on the voter list. In addition, you must have a voter identification card issued by the Electoral Commission. Please note that having a voter ID card is not enough, so know if your name is on the voter list or not …
How to know if your name is on the voters list or not … By adopting these simple steps, you can check whether your name is on the electoral list or not. Go to the National Voter Services Portal page. 2. Here you can view and verify in two ways. First, complete the requested information or enter the EPIC number of your voter identification card here. The EPIC number is written on your voter ID card in bold (read: How to Change or Improve the Voter ID Card Online)
If you have an EPIC number then … 1. Go to the NVSP Election Search page.2. Tap search by EPIC3 number. Enter your EPIC number here. Select your state from the dropdown menu. Enter the code shown in the image. Then tap search. 4. If your name is on the voter list, it will appear below the search button. If nothing is visible, your name will most likely be missing from the voter list (read: online way to change image on voter ID card)
If you don’t have an EPIC number … 1. Go to the NVSP poll search page 2. Tap by selecting the search by detail option 3. Fill in all the details searched, including name, gender, age, poll area. After this, fill in the code shown in the captcha image. Then click Search. 4. If you see the result below the search button, understand that your name is entered in the voters list. Otherwise, suppose your name is missing from the voter list (read: Online method to transfer voter ID card to another state)
The correct name of the people is not always registered on the voter card in India. We have seen many of those voter cards where the name is misspelled. In this case, the correct name in the search is sometimes zero. Therefore, we suggest that you consult with the help of the EPIC number, not by name. This way you can avoid suspicious results.


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