Now smartphones will become ‘eyes’ of the blind


Scientists are developing such mobile technology, through which blind people will be able to see around through their smartphones and tablets. Experts in computer vision and machine learning working at UK-based Linklawn University are working on this technology.

Now smartphones will become eyes of the blind
Now smartphones will become eyes of the blind

Now smartphones will become eyes of the blind.

These scientists want to put the smart vision system in a mobile device, so that blind or less visible people can help in walking in unknown areas.

According to early research on this technology, the research team wants to activate features such as 3D mapping and localization, navigation and recognition (detection) using color and depth sensor technology in new smartphones and tablets.

After this, the team will develop an interface. In this, visually impaired people will be given information about the situation around them with the help of vibration, voice or spoken word.

Project Head Nicola Bellotto said, “If people are able to use the technology present in devices such as smartphones, then they will not have to use other devices, which makes them very aware of their situation.”

Under this technology, sensors in mobile or tablet will identify the surrounding objects and their information will be given to the person using the device.

“However, there are already existing smartphone apps that can identify objects or speak about the place,” he said.

“Our aim, however, is to develop a system that can understand how a man feels about the things around,” Bellotto said.


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